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Mother Nature's Message to Me

Imagine this....

The alarm clock goes off way too early. Exhausted, you try to sleep in just a few minutes longer. Chores. Expectations. Overwhelm. Traffic jams and unkept promises. Work. Pressure. Too many coffees.

The way of the world... but it doesn't have to be your way. I have a remedy for when your soul cries out for silence and space.

Find a park, a beach, or a patch of grass. Kick off your shoes. Inhale. Exhale. Forget about the traffic, the bills, the arguments, the endless demands. Feel the stresses of the day melt away.

Hear yourself think. Hear the message of the earth...

'Be calm. Be at peace. There is nowhere else you need to be right now. Just breathe. Inhale peace. Exhale gratitude. Be a part of the beauty that is nature because that is the true YOU. You are at home in me because you are a part of me.

Notice the falling leaves and the flowing water. Thank the trees for holding you, comforting you, welcoming you. Let your roots reach down to the center...

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How to Take a Mini Soul Vacation

I'm blessed to say that I've had my share of breathtaking vacations in my lifetime. Earlier this year I spent two months in Europe, and apart from basking in the beauty of rural France, soaking in the golden hues of Tuscany, and lazing on the picturesque beaches of the Greek Islands, the break was about so much more than pleasure. It rejuvenated my intimate relationship, and also did wonders to stimulate my creativity and enhance my productivity after my return.

As much as I wish I could fly away to an exotic location or even just drive to the mountains to gain some peace and clarity at the drop of a hat, it's simply not realistic. But finding an hour to unplug from the busyness of life and take care of the most important part of myself is simple, easy, and free.

If you too have a need to nourish yourself on a regular basis and bring more vitality into your life, you don't have to wait another second. Simply find a spot in Nature that speaks to your soul and set the...

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Daily Spiritual Practice: A Prayer to Life

Dear Life

May this day,

(and every one of my days)

be blessed.

May my thoughts of doubt and fear

not block any miracles in wait.

May I grow into a deeper peace,

a deeper joy,

and ever deepening love.



Reconnect with your body and soul with Soulwoman Circles.

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Daily Spiritual Practice: A Moment of Stillness

When the frantic pace and busyness of life seem overwhelming and inescapable, remember that tranquility is just a moment of stillness away.

Reconnect with a deep sense of inner calm by allowing a soothing serenity to ripple through you like flowing water.

1. Choose a quiet spot and sit in stillness.

2. Breathe deeply as you bring to mind the sound of tinkling water.

3. Relax and soften into an all-embracing calmness within and without.

4. Set an intention to laze in the waters of tranquility at regular intervals during the day.


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Daily Spiritual Practice: Take a Soul Vacation

Your soul is the seat of your deepest moments of being alive. When you are triggered by stress and negativity and frustration, take a soul vacation.

Simply stretch your imagination to a place of beauty and delight...

  • Find a quiet place where you won't be distracted for a few minutes.
  • Close your eyes and slow your breathing. Just sit and follow your breath for a while.
  • When you're ready, pose this question silently to yourself: 'What is my soul longing for?'
  • Don't think too hard about the response. Simply allow any images, sounds or feelings to show up.
  • Ask yourself a second question: 'Could I create a soul vacation that would meet some of the needs of this longing?'
  • Open yourself to sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations in the experience, as they arrive.
  • Notice any feelings of love, joy and peace that appear, and where those feelings are in your body.
  • When the experience ends, let it go.

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Daily Spiritual Practice: Five-Fingered Gratitude

Guide yourself to a centred, focused state of gratitude by following the steps below:

  • With your eyes closed, practice opening the fist of your heart by actually making a fist while inhaling, and then opening it as you exhale.
  • Breathe deeply as you allow the energy of gratitude to flow around you and within you.
  • Touching your thumb to your index finger, think of something that you're deeply thankful for in the present moment. Visualize it clearly and give thanks for it.
  • Touching your thumb to your middle finger, travel back in time and think of something you feel deeply grateful for that happened in the past. Visualize it clearly and give thanks for it.
  • Touching your thumb to your ring finger, project yourself into the future and think of something that you're deeply thankful for that is waiting for you in the future. Visualize it clearly and give thanks for it.
  • Touching your thumb to your little finger, think of something that transcends all time that you're profoundly grateful...
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Daily Spiritual Practice: Meditative Reading

Meditative reading is not about gaining new information. The purpose is to enter a different state of consciousness as you read.

Read the following passage slowly... pause... and allow for a moment of reflection. 

"When you surrender to what you cannot change
and open your heart to what is,
you enter a state of grace.
Suddenly, a sacred stillness arises within you,
a soundless sense of peace.
And within that solace, there is bliss.
And within that bliss, there is love.
And within that love, there is the Source of all that is."

~ Mia Rose

Reconnect with your body and soul in the Soulwoman Circles.

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Daily Spiritual Practice: Bless Yourself

Do you have a feeling of being blessed? There is profound power in the simple gesture of blessing yourself.

  • As a meditation, this practice is done with childlike faith and reverence.
  • Close your eyes and relax the muscles in your body.
  • Breathe your way beneath your busyness, the way a diver slips into the stillness beneath the turbulence of the waves.
  • Bring an image of yourself to mind and pay compassionate attention to yourself.
  • Imagine speaking directly to yourself, whispering a phrase like 'May I be blessed,' or 'May I be protected from all harm.'
  • Feel the fact that who you are is enough.

Reconnect with your body and soul with Soulwoman Circles.

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Letting Go of Perfection

Someone I love recently asked me what I thought I had to offer the world. What immediately came to mind was the culmination of my life's work, the Manifesting Miracles eProgram, in which I teach women who feel secretly unfulfilled, frustrated and unworthy to tune in to the Divine and accomplish their deepest heart's longings.

Then: 'Do you live what you teach?'

That question stopped me in my tracks.

Yes. Of course I live what I teach... but no, not PERFECTLY. Not all the time. There are many days that I still experience a disconnection between living the life I've always dreamed of and my everyday reality. In fact, I go off track every time that I get too busy to be mindful, and forget to use the gifts of my vivid imagination, spend time in prayer, and neglect to maintain my meditation practice.

The conversation filled me with discomfort, guilt and shame. It brought me face to face with that part of me that WANTS to set a perfect example for the women in our community - and how...

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A Reflection on Gratitude

In this very month that I'm hosting a gratitude challenge in the Soulwoman Sanctuary, I have been held accountable by someone close to me for being ungrateful. Once I got past my initial indignation, I reflected deeply.

How is it that someone who knows me very well can perceive me to be ungrateful when I know how much gratitude I have in my heart? I've been keeping a gratitude journal for years and I write thank you notes to the Universe all the time. I thank Life constantly for real and imagined blessings. In fact, I have a little mantra that's never far from my lips: "Thank you, God, thank you, Universe, thank you all the angels for (whatever)," whenever (whatever makes me happy) shows up in my life.

But maybe, just maybe, I'm not expressing my gratitude with enough sincerity and conviction to the (gasp!) people in my life. I'm not talking about saying thank you when someone passes you the salt, or thank you when someone does you a favour or presents you with a gift. There is...

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