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If you're craving a calmer and more balanced life, this is your chance to find out
  • what's REALLY causing the feelings of chaos and overwhelm in your life, 
  • how to understand your unsettling emotions better,
  • how to step off the busyness treadmill,
  • and how to feel more in control of your life in less than a minute a day.

Meet the Soulwoman Sistas

Sisters by Chance, Best Friends by Choice...

Dr. Mia Rose is a registered psychologist in Australia and author of the prize-winning book, Awaken to Love. She is the CEO of Soulwoman, and holds the Space of Transformation for women who yearn for connection in the warm embrace of a supportive sisterhood. 

Karen, Mia's biological sister, is the COO, Creative Muse and Chief Cheerleader in the Soulwoman Circles. Her commitment is to support women to create a blissful, purposeful life for themselves by aligning with Self, Spirit and Mama Earth. 

Mia and Karen lead women in online Circles and in-person sacred retreats worldwide to help them step into their own power and say YES to a soul-powered life.


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