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The Soulwoman Circles Tribe


The Soulwoman Circles, hosted by Dr. Mia Rose and Karen Ferguson, is a monthly theme-based online gathering for women who seek to deepen their spiritual practice. Our mission is to help you reconnect with your body and soul, align to the powerful cycles of the moon and the healing power of nature, and tune in to Spirit through guided intention setting, self-acceptance, supreme self-care and self-love.

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Love from our Sistas...

"The Soulwoman Circles have given me many practical tools and exercises to help me stay grounded and connected to my heart. And then there is this awesome group of women in the Circles too! Collectively there is so much wisdom, acceptance, kindness, compassion, and love spread inside the Circles. It is truly an honor and awesome experience to be a part of it."

Miya Jaglowski

"I have become a much more confident and independent woman, and now know how to step into my power and own my shit. I am much more intuitive and connected to my Source. I worry less about other people and what they think. I have softened my ego-centered nature and focus on a more compassionate way of thinking. Self-care Saturday has become a weekly ritual of deep soaking or getting a massage, walking in nature, or doing something for myself like sleeping in as long as I want to, or connecting with a friend. I am also a much better listener because being in Circle helps me to be more mindful and tap into my feminine intuitive energy."

Lorna Reid